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This is a wiki primarily for the Tanner family, descendants of Robert Tanner who immigrated to America in 1720.

The purpose of this wiki is to document the genealogical studies of Brandon Tanner.

If you'd like to help, here is a list of genealogical holes that need to be filled.


Other surnames in this wiki are:

Perkins, Dancer, Burditt, Jacobsen, Jones, Zimmerman, Huff, Harper, Buttry, Bowles, Aylor, Huffman, Price, and Pedigo.

Earliest Tanners Earliest Perkins
Robert Tanner another Wright Perkins?
Christopher TannerJacob Perkins
Jacob TannerWright Perkins
Frederick TannerJacob Hardin Perkins
William Pedigo TannerJohn Wilson Perkins
James Franklin TannerJames Washington Perkins
Grover Cleveland TannerThomas Wilson Perkins
William Lloyd TannerMaybelle Perkins
James Paul TannerJames Paul Tanner
Brandon Tanner

Trips We Have Taken

December 2009 Genealogy Voyage - to Barren County, KY (TANNERS)

April 2010 Trip - to Mills County, TX (PERKINS)

August 2010 Genealogy Voyage - to Shelby County, TN (PERKINS)

December 2010 Genealogy Voyage - to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri (TANNERS)

December 2011 Genealogy Voyage - to Bastrop County, TX (PERKINS)

December 2012 Genealogy Voyage - Skipped

December 2013 Genealogy Voyage - to Ottawa County, OK (HARPER, HOGAN, TANNER)

September 2014 Trip - to Brown/Mills County, TX (MURPHY, JONES)

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